Best free vocal plugins 2019

Best free vocal plugins 2019

This article is about the Top 20 free VST plugins released in But if not, we created this list to help you find the best free VSTs of Click the links for more info about each plugin. Click here to see the honorable mentions. The instrument uses wavetables that were sampled from a real analog oscillator to generate the sound. As a result, the plugin sounds warm and full but has the flexibility of a wavetable synthesizer. Lith is a must-have free VST plugin for users who like to experiment with new and unusual virtual synthesizers.

For starters, you will probably want to change the default light skin to the dark version. That said, Lith is one of the most promising new virtual instruments released in and one of our most-used free VST plugins of the year.

More info: Lith. It combines three different types of synthesis Wavetable, Subtractive, and Additive in an intuitive interface.

Defiant WT is simple enough to be used by beginner music producers, much more so that Lith and ModulAir. The instrument comes with original factory wavetables for the oscillator. Another wavetables are included in the LFO module. More info: Defiant WT. It was developed by lkjb, the same programmer who crafted the Luftikus analog-modeled parametric equalizer.

Unlike its analog-inspired counterpart, QRange is an entirely transparent linear-phase EQ designed for audio mastering purposes. The plugin provides twelve frequency band controls and a built-in real-time spectrum analyzer. More info: QRange. Frontier is a free limiter VST plugin with adjustable release time, soft-clipping, and auto-gain functionality.

Best FREE Stereo Widening VST Plugins (2019)

Note that this is not a brickwall limiter plugin. Think of it as a heavy compressor with a fixed attack time and an adjustable threshold. The plugin was released back inbut it was only available for existing D16 Audio customers. More info: Frontier. The ducker module lowers the volume of the delayed signal when the volume of the processed audio signal increases. HY-Delay 4 Free also features a three-band equalizer, cross-feedback, and a randomizer button for changing the values of all control parameters with a single click.

Experiment with it to randomize the parameters and come up with some crazy sounding echoes. The built-in limiter will come in handy to prevent excess volume peaks on the output.

More info: HY-Delay 4 Free.Of all the elements that need mixing, vocals are often the most difficult to get right. For one thing, they leave the deepest impression on most listeners. A good vocal line with well-crafted lyrics can make or break a song. But more than that, the human voice presents unique challenges.

Unlike other instruments or electronic signals, human vocals rely on complex biology to function. And no matter way you slice it, vocals need to both stand out and blend in. Fortunately, several types of vocal plugins can help mitigate the unwanted variation of the human voice, and enhance the natural qualities of it as well. You could spend weeks scavenging the web for all the vocal plugins out there. From vocal effects to compressors and de-essers, these vocal plugins will prepare you for any project.

Waves offers so many great plugins we could fill an entire list filled with only them. Their collection of vocal plugins runs the gamut, filling every need possible when mixing vocals. This little tool will save you hours on mix automation and compression down the line.

8 Favorite Plugins for Mixing Vocals

The plugin detects the vocal track as well as the rest of the mix, keeping everything in context. Just let the vocal rider do the work for you. Once the vocal rider we just mentioned does its job, the MV2 can step in and bring the vocals right up front.

The plugin offers faders for both low-level and high-level compression with automatic make-up gain. This means you have full intuitive dynamic control. Like the MV2, the Aphex vintages aural exciter works wonders at bringing the vocal track to the front. However, it does this in a different way. In short, an exciter acts as a harmonic distortion effect and phase shifter. Tweaking these parameters results in more clarity and brightness in the mix.

The Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter is one of the best and most popular exciter plugins. This plugin, an emulation of the artificial double tracking processor used for Abbey Road, serves a very specific function.

9 Free VST Plugins For Mixing Perfect Vocals

This de-esser has become the go-to for many engineers and producers. With a highly intelligent sibilance detection system, the plugin finds any instance of sibilance and highlights it on the waveform.

You can adjust the threshold, range, and other parameters of the Pro-DS. Because the Pro-DS does such a great job of detecting and removing sibilance, it can also help limit other high-frequencies i. Each one offers distinct qualities with hundreds of presets.

If you produce in the EDM, pop, or hip-hop realm, this vocal synth has it all. The VocalSynth 2 comes packed with five vocal processors, each with specific relevant controls. The plugin even offers Biovox, with controls that mimic or reduce natural human vocal qualities breath, nasality, etc.

Here are three more vocal plugins that are absolutely free. This one made it onto our list of the 25 best Mac free pluginsand for good reason. The Voxengo Oldskoolverb provides a vintage reverb effect for any instrument, but it perhaps works best on vocals. This plugin perhaps works best for background vocals, as it spreads the sound along the stereo field and adds warmth.

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Perhaps the simplest of the vocal plugins on this list, the free version of Flux Bittersweet features just one knob. If used on vocals, this plugin can emphasize harsh consonants for a punchier sound.Download Proximity for Free. Download Multiply For Free. Reverb for vocals is essential. Reverb takes your vocals out of the room you recorded them in, and allows you to make your own sound space.

Be sure to check out their absolutely EPIC demo video. Download the DC1A2 for Free.

best free vocal plugins 2019

Using a step-style sequencer the A1 Trigger Gate packs in a boat load of cool effects. Download the A1 Trigger Gate for Free. Just like any other part of a mix, vocals are a great place to experiment.

The effects on Hysteresis definitely deliver a whole bundle of experimentation. Download Hysteresis for Free. Download Ochre for Free. Exciter plugins add subtle harmonics to your vocal track for some extra sonic-excitement in the high range. Download La Petite Excite for Free. Vocals are tricky to mix. We wanna know all your tips and tricks too.

Skip to primary navigation Skip to content. No sweat. Download Proximity for Free 2. Acon Digital Multiply Chorus Vocals need some color. Download Multiply For Free 3. Voxengo OldSkoolVerb Reverb for vocals is essential. Download the DC1A2 for Free 6. Download the A1 Trigger Gate for Free 7. Glitch Machines Hysteresis Just like any other part of a mix, vocals are a great place to experiment.

Download Hysteresis for Free 8. Vocals are no exception. Download Ochre for Free 9. Fine Cut Bodies La Petite Excite Exciter plugins add subtle harmonics to your vocal track for some extra sonic-excitement in the high range. Throw it on your vocal and enhance it to your liking with some subtle harmonic distortion. You'll like that too. Production Tips.This plugin is a transient shaper.

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Not only does it look great it performs great as well. This could be at the start of a note or a sample. In the demo video above the plugin is being used on an acoustic guitar. You can hear a lot of plectrum noise and those are very transient sounds.

So this plugin can be used to either squash those down and really make the performance smooth or you could take it in the other direction and make it a really aggressive sounding. This is an excellent plugin to help reduce unwanted noise on your recordings, whether it be drums, vocals or guitars.

You have the option for sidechaining and the choice between three distinct, smooth-sounding algorithms.

What it is is a Panning Modulation Plugin. You can use it to create automated panning curves and you can choose the duration time for the panning effect.

Top 10 Vocal Plugins: Best Free & Paid Plugins for Vocals

It will automatically pan the audio input signal from left to right or you can manually draw some crazy panning curves. Another really useful feature with this plugin is the mix dial because you can blend it so that you have just the pan signal or you can keep some of the centered audio signal. You can also use it for some subtle panning to make some really spacial sounds. In the video sample above you should be able to hear the effect of the gentle panning from left to right and then more extreme panning as well.

You can also hear some presets and hear the really crazy panning modes. It can be used to add subtle weight to a signal or full-on harmonic destruction.

best free vocal plugins 2019

What we particularly like about this plugin is its tone dial that lets you choose whether the saturation is on the high frequencies or on the low frequencies which is very handy. There is also an output gain dial, which makes it really simple to set the amount of output you want so you can do a fair comparison. It also has an inbuilt high cut and low cut so that you can really shape the saturation to your taste.

In the video sample above you can hear what the plugin sounds like on bass guitar with some overdrive and making it sound really gritty and distorted. I find this plugin particularly useful for finding the prominent frequencies of a kick drum or bass guitar and see how you can get them to work around each other frequency wise.

I often use this plugin for checking my EQ settings. I then check it on SPAN and sometimes I find there is still a lot of low-frequency information there. This plugin helps me find those frequencies that are muddying and using up Headroom in my mix. In the video demo above you can see how we can use SPAN to analyze the frequencies of two instruments at the same. This can be really useful to find out where frequencies are clashing between instruments. Nova is an EQ and multiband compressor.

It has all the standard EQ features you might expect from an EQ, very accurate shelving and cutting, it has a high-pass filter and a low-pass filter and these can be quite a gentle slope or they can have very steep slope precision. Nova gives you the ability to really sculpt the sound the way you want, but where this gets interesting is its ability to act as a multiband compressor. You can select certain frequencies and compress them individually.Audio production can be expensive work, even if you go the virtual route with a digital audio workstation DAW and virtual instruments.

Working with virtual studio technology VST plugins is tremendously convenient, but a lot of the best VST plugins out there are very expensive. You just need to know where to look. We've assembled the top 15 free VST plugins that can help elevate your music to the next level.

Since they're free, you can grab them all, and see how they sound, without opening your wallet. Every VST in this list will work regardless of your operating system, as long as your digital audio workstation supports VST plugins.

Some of them include an installer, in which case you need to download the installer that works with your operating system. What it does: This virtual analog synth was inspired by the Clavia Nord Lead 2 synthesizer. It's one of the most versatile free soft synths you'll find, and it's a great choice if you're looking to get started making retro music like synthwave without spending a bunch of money. It includes a bunch of default presets, and there are also a ton of additional free soundbanks available.

If you can't afford Sylenth1, then you could do a whole lot worse than Synth1 as a fallback option. What it does: Dexed is a frequency modulation synth that's designed to look and sound a lot like the well-known Yamaha DX7. It's the best freeware DX7 emulator that you'll find, which makes it an obvious choice.

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This synth also includes a ton of presets, which is good news if you don't quite have your head wrapped around creating your own synthesizer settings yet. What it does: Helix is a synth that offers a tremendous amount of versatility, with four separate oscillators and a ton of utility.

The only downside of this VSTi is that it's more like shareware than freeware. You can download it for free, and there aren't any features locked out, so you can see what it's capable of first hand. What we don't like: The problem is that it's programmed to generate random noise every so often unless you pay to unlock the full version.

What it does: Tunefish 4 is an additive synth that provides similar functionality to Tunefish 3 in less space. It's great for creating big, booming bass lines, but the presets don't really do a great job of showcasing all of its capabilities.

If you're ready to start dipping your toes into fine-tuning settings on a powerful synthesizer VSTi, this is a good one to go with. What we don't like: Since the presets aren't that great, you'll need to play around with the settings a lot to get the most out of it.

It's designed to send MIDI data to another VST plugin of your choice, but it does include a built-in synth as well that you can use to fine-tune everything without any additional plugins.

What it does: SQ8L is designed to emulate the classic SQ80 synth from Ensoniq, so it's a great place to turn if you're looking to layer in some nostalgic, retro sounds. It also comes with a bunch of presets for that authentic s synth sound. What it does: Krush is a bitcrusher plugin, which puts it in the effects VST category. Instead of using it to generate new sounds, you use it to modify the output from an instrument VST.These cover everything from distortion and bitcrushing, through reverbs and delays, compressors and EQs and even utility tools such as loudness meters.

While there might not be as many free plug-ins around in the AAX format as there are for VST, there is still plenty out there if you know where to look. Did you see all of these when they featured as a Friday Free Plug-ins?

A great sounding free saturation plug-in, which looks pretty and can sound pretty filthy. A free limiter plug-in which is easy to use and sounds as good as it looks.

A versatile utility plug-in for manipulating stereo audio which adds some useful and important features which are missing from the Pro Tools mixer.

best free vocal plugins 2019

Try it and you'll see why this pedal is so popular with the bass playing community. In this week's Friday Free Plug-inwe are featuring ProjectTime, a time-tracking plug-in to make the process of tracking and charging for the time you spend on a project.

In this week's Friday Free Plug-inwe are featuring Wider, a stereo widening plugin from Polyverse developed with infected Mushroom. A simple and surprisingly characterful compressor which offers a few additional features, such as negative ratio and stereo unlink. SonEQ is a digital equalizer which combines elements from various vintage equalisers and combines them into one. SonEQ has 3 bands, bass, middle and treble and a preamp section for added colour. A frequency shifting delay. The frequency shifter is fascinating, the delay suitably analogue-sounding and it doesn't create zipper noise when changing the delay time, making it perfect for dubby silliness.

Friday Free Plug-in - Polyverse Wider. Apr 18, Apr 17, Apr 16, Apr 15, Apr 13, Apr 11, Apr 10, Friday Free Plug-in - Sonible Balancer. Apr 8, Apr 4, Apr 3, Want to make high-quality music productions for nothing?

There are hundreds of free VST effects or music producers in this list, so take your time, you are going to need a large mug of coffee to after receiving a large volume of these beauties!

This was first developed and introduced to the market by Steinberg with their DAW Cubase init was a game changer for sure and gave huge flexibility and opportunity for software development and huge benefits to the music creators.

For me having a new synth or plugin inspires me to create new music. This compiled list is the best of the best and features everything from classic synth sounds to vintage compressors, fantastic delays and guitar amp simulators. I think if you downloaded all of these you could produce most genres of music to a pretty high standard.

Many artists used the default presets the rom synthesizer had to offer at the time as it was very complicated to use. This is an emulation of the classic Minimoog with a couple of extra features thrown in for good measure including a very nice user friendly audio interface.

This is a classic sound which you should ensure you have in your plugin folder. Download MiniMogue VA. The synth includes a small effect section with a reverb, chorus and a simple bit crusher effect.

Its improved amplitude ADSR is very suitable for slow pads as for really fast envelopes. Download TAL-Noisemaker.

This one is a great free VST synth. TAL used a Roland Juno 60 as a reference for the oscillators and filters. The classic Roland Juno 60 synth has been considered by many to be one of the most important synths in popular music.

Artists such as Mac Demarco, Tiesto, Disclosure and many more are fans of this classic. Download Tal U No Nonetheless, it is still capable of generating some great sounds.

It was created by Glen Olander who later went on to create Spectrasonics Omnisphere.

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Download Crystal Synth. The plugin has a huge range of useable sounds. Download Synth 1. It is a synth capable of a wide variety of sounds from great bass tones to pads and lead synth. Download Modulair Synth.

You can read our in-depth guide about Xfer Serum! Next up I have put together a number of fantastic bundles to download, which include a huge array of sounds and all the best free VST instruments has brought us. This is an incredible set of free VST instrument plugins and sounds from our friends based out of Berlin, Germany. This bundle is available totally for free. It includes three virtual instruments with over sounds to choose from.